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Bruce’s Sewer Service provides a specialized array of services to meet the needs of home and business owners in Medicine Hat and the surrounding areas.

We pride ourselves on providing our customers with fair, honest pricing. With no hidden fees! If you want professional service at an affordable price, Bruce’s Sewer Service is the answer.


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Sewer Lines

We service any type of sewer line to make sure clean water flows smoothly, removing buildup, flushing out blockages.

Floor Drains

Floor drains require regular (but easy) maintenance to prevent problems from occurring. If you’d like us to take care of that maintenance for you, or you have a floor drain problem, call Bruce’s Sewer Service. We manually remove debris and prevent or remedy clogs and backups.


Your kitchen and bathroom aren’t of much use to you without a properly functioning sink. Avoid or take care of inconvenient repairs with sink drain service from Bruce’s Sewer Service. From minor sediment buildup to major blockages, grease, we take care of any sink problems.


We fix toilet overflows, leaks, and sewer backups in your toilet, using the right combination of cleaning products and tools to cure any problem, big or small.


Your shower or tub drain can easily get clogged with excess hair and soap residue. Regular cleaning can prevent this from occurring, so let us take care of the maintenance for you. If your tub drains slowly or won’t drain at all, we’ll uncover the source of the blockage, removing it so you can get back to your daily routine.

Pipe Inspections

When there’s a problem with your pipes, or you want to make sure there isn’t, our pipe inspections are the answer. CCTV inspections show the true internal condition of a pipe, including any structural defects. Our inspection process creates computer-generated reports, color photos, and DVD video footage. We’ll review the results with you and offer advice on what to do next.

Sewer Gas Odour Detection

If you’re experiencing a foul odor in your kitchen, bathroom, or basement, a sewer gas leak may be the culprit. Not only is the smell off-putting; it can also mean dangerous toxins are invading the air in your home. The most common sign of a sewer gas leak is a pungent rotten eggs odor. We will find the location and cause of the odor.

Preventative Maintenance Services

Many old neighborhoods in Medicine Hat are lined with beautiful mature trees with roots that wreak havoc on sewer lines. Partially or fully blocked sanitary sewer systems can mean disaster if a storm hits Medicine Hat. Book preventative maintenance to ensure that your basement is safe from a backup.

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Is your basement flooding? Toilet overflowing? Our sewer and drain technicians are here to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Don’t wait, call us today!

Drain & Sewer FAQ

How do I deal with tree roots in a drain line?

If tree roots are present in a drain line, it is imperative to take action prior to having a complete blockage. Once the water stops flowing in a pipe, many products can no longer be used. Copper sulfate and the product Root-X are commonly used to kill roots inside a drain pipe. However, they only work if there is a flow of water.

 Once completely blocked by roots a drain cleaning machine can frequently open the pipe up on a temporary basis. Future cleanings will be needed, and a possible sewer repair or replacement may be inevitable. Once roots are present, it is almost impossible for a sewer cleaning machine to cut them all out, or for the roots to not grow in again.

Why do I keep having drainage problems?

Drainage problems can be the result of clogging. The age of your pipes might also be a factor. Slow drainage might indicate a large clog, roots in the pipeline, or backups from the sewer. If these problems become frequent or worsen, be sure to contact a professional plumber.

Are noisy pipes normal?

No, noises are not normal. Strange sounds, like clunking, rattling, and other noises can mean that the pipes are blocked. Have a professional look into the issue immediately.

Plumbing can be confusing at times, but if you know a little bit about it, you can start to determine which problems require a professional. If you have any more questions that weren’t listed here, a plumber will be happy to help.  

What is the best solution for a clogged drain?

This is a very common problem and there is no definitive answer as each drain could be clogged for a different reason. The best thing to do is to make sure that the drain is not clogged with hair or soap chips. You can do this by visually inspecting the bathtub or sink drain. The best way to clean hair from a bathtub drain is to remove the drain grate and take a coat hanger and put a little hook on the end and scoop out the hair. You could also use a pair of needle nose pliers as well. The easiest way to clean hair from a lavatory sink drain is to remove the pop-up drain assembly altogether and use the same technique as mentioned above.

When should I replace a drain or sewer line?

There are obvious times when a drain or sewer line should be repaired or replaced. One instance, of course, is when the line cannot be cleaned. If heavy and extensive root infiltration exists if should be replaced. Extensive root growth is indicative of the failure of the entire line. If a backpitch of the line exists, an extensive section of the run of pipe typically has to be replaced to have the correct pitch.

 Other conditions make the decision to repair or replace a sewer pipe much more difficult. One of the factors is strictly personal. Some people only have to live through one or two clogs to decide to replace the sewer line. Other people will suffer through years of stoppages, and thousands of dollars in drain cleaning bills, before they agree to do repair work.

It is fair to say that if a skilled drain technician needs to spend many hours to clear out a stoppage, that means something is structurally wrong with the drain line. In those cases, a video camera inspection can go a long way in determining your next appropriate step.


Thanks Bruce’s for getting us cleaned out after 4 days of trying to get through the blockage of tree roots !! Highly recommend Bruce’s!

– Anna S.


I wanted to give a huge shout out to you guys! Thanks for coming to our rescue this week, it was not a fun job for you but I appreciate the fast response and being there!

– Sandy D.

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